Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Weekend fun

We have had such a great weekend!

Over the past week, Matt has been working hard on getting our deck refinished - we knocked out the built in benches for more access, and Matt changed the color from pumpkin orange to a nice peaceful Oxford Brown. With a nice backyard sanctuary in the works - we couldn't think of a better place to relax for Memorial Day. So, we ignored the drizzly weather and kept things simple by grilling out in the back yard. For dinner, Matt took inspiration from Bobby Flay and created grill materpieces... chicken, pork ribs, different types of sausage. ...he even grilled the veggies. With some icy cold beer, the meal was complete - and absolutely fabulous.

For my birthday, Matt suprised me with a tandem skydive from Skydive Orange! It was the most incredible experience, and I would go again in a heartbeat.

We jumped from a DeHavilland (DHC-6) Twin Otter...aka the Super Otter, which holds about 22 people.

We jumped at about 13,500 ft - did about 50 seconds of freefall - and then were "under canopy" for about 5-7 minutes. I didn't take any pictures, but the view was AMAZING! I could see the Blue Ridge mountains, beautiful Lake Anna, and hundreds of miles of foothills and countryside. The jump was cool - I had a lot of confidence in my instructor - Juan, and felt totally calm and about the whole thing. The freefall was so exhilirating... we dropped at a roaring 120mph and the air was cool and totally refreshing. After we pulled the parachute, the feel totally shifted to complete peace and silence. Juan pointed out a few cool terrain features and showed me how to turn (sharp turns are really fun). Otherwise, it was just a smooth and totally eye-opening life-enhancing experience.

On Friday, we packed up and went to the Maryland shore for a little Chesapeake Bay beach time. This was Zara's first time in the sand... and Hana had an AMAZING swim in the waves. We had a picnic lunch and a wonderful dinner... and then came home and grilled out in the back yard (dinner number 2!). Lots of sunshine and family fun- and just enough beach to make us want to head out to the real thing. Ooooh, how we crave a good ocean beach.

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