Friday, May 29, 2009

fun with acrylic

Let's face it... Zara is never probably going to be able to walk in to a gas station and pick out a cheesy key chain with her name on it. ...or the meaning of her name on a little laminated wallet-sized card. -at least not in this country.

But, sometimes it's fun to see your name on the wall - or your child's name on the wall. There's something cool about personalized stuff. So - I decided to make Zara a name plaque and try my hand at painting. The painting was neat - it ended up being a great unwinding exercise, forcing me to sit down, be creative and pay attention to little details. I had so much fun, that I ended up making another one for a friend.

After a primer, I painted everything with acrylic. I'm not necessarily the best at coming up with images from scratch... so for the dragonfly and butterfly, I rubber stamped the image on the board and then painted my own "masterpiece" on top of it. :-) Very fun!

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Alex, Lyndsay, Aidan & Paddi said...

Very Cool! I would love to do one with you for your next little one, and I could make one for Aidan...