Monday, September 24, 2007

Honeymoon Videos!

Ok, so it took awhile to post these - but better late than never!

Jess doing her deep dive as part of her advanced certification. The instuctor is demonstrating the effects of nitrogen narcosis on problem solving, etc. Also, there's a huge sea-slug.

Video of a wreck-dive. I apologize for the sideways angle - couldn't figure out how to fix that...


Night-dive video. This doesn't really do the experience justice, but the video is interesting.

This one made me a little dizzy to watch...

Two moray eels hanging out.

Jess nearly getting trampled by elephants. You can see her (in the greenish shirt) way down by the water trying to feed the elephants bananas.

The elephants still don't want her bananas.

Jess's first tuk-tuk ride.